The year in review.


Well, in book review. I’m happy, and somewhat relieved, to say that I achieved my goal of reading 50 books. I even went that extra mile and read 54.  (Three of which I discovered while doing all the links for Read more ›


At this moment


I’m in a funky, feisty mood.  I think it will be remedied by attacking my house. Either with cleaning, or fire. (Note: This should not be used against me should my house catch on fire.) We’re listening to Follow the Read more ›


Christmas in the Park


Every year in downtown San Jose they (who’s they? I don’t know. The City?) takes a park and turns it into a veritable Christmas wonderland filled with Christmas trees and cute, if odd, displays. We’d never gone, but decided to Read more ›


Happy pictures


My parents’ awesome elephant Christmas tree. Zoe’s drawing of our family.  Notice how Tiny (2nd from the left) is smaller than everyone else, and my legs (far right) are longer than her Daddy’ (far left).  I always wanted to be Read more ›


A grateful heart


Brandy (my beloved Brandy) posted on her blog today about how her day was the greatest (in classic “state your thesis and give 5 supporting sentences” format), and ended with the question, “Was your day the greatest?”, and when I Read more ›