A grateful heart

Brandy (my beloved Brandy) posted on her blog today about how her day was the greatest (in classic “state your thesis and give 5 supporting sentences” format), and ended with the question, “Was your day the greatest?”, and when I read that I just laughed. Today was so run around, rush around crazy that no, it wasn’t the greatest.

And then I thought about it.

Today I got to take B to the airport and kiss him before he left for a couple of days.

I got to see the adoration in Z and Tiny’s eyes as they said goodbye, and the matching adoration in his.

I got to spend time with my Daddy, helping uncover hidden treasures in his house.

I got to see my Grandma’s handwriting again.

I got to talk to my sister on the phone.

I got to spend time with my wonderful childhood friend, who I am SO blessed to have in my life again.

I got to watch our girls play together.

I got to watch our (smaller) girls trying to walk and sign and talk together.

I got to put together ridiculously small (and cute!) gingerbread houses.

I had a grilled turkey and cheese sandwich for dinner.

I got to watch amazing dancing tonight.

It has been a really great day.

Thanks Brandy, for reminding me.

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  1. 🙂 It really is the little things…I want a grilled cheese and turkey sandwich now…

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