A new game

Stolen from someone else:

“Head to IMDB.com and look up ten of your favorite movies. List three plot keywords for each movie, and then see which of your friends can guess what movie you’re talkin’ bout. NO cheating, now…”

Here’s mine, post your guesses in the comments. I tried to pick the keywords I thought best expressed the movie, without being too obvious and giving it away.

1. One Day, Music Store, Head Shaving

2. Championship, plagiarism, Title spoken by character

3. Blackmail, Dandy, Upper Class

4. Upstairs Downstairs, Murder, Maid

5. Taxicab, Egyptology, Double Cross

6. 1930’s, Actress, Revenge

7. Dysfunctional Family, Child Prodigy,

7 thoughts on “A new game

  1. 1. Empire Records (never seen it, so guessing)
    4. Gosford Park
    6. Chicago
    8. Strictly Ballroom
    9. Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (or maybe To Wong Fu)

    Man…I suck.

  2. 1. guessing too, but I’ll say High Fidelity
    3. Rope
    5. Raiders
    7. Royal Tenenbaums
    9. Twin Peaks

  3. Maryanne on

    1. correct!
    4. Also correct!
    6. nope, although the keywords do fit.
    8. correct!
    9. Priscilla fits, but it was To Wong Foo. I mean, Julie Newmar! ( I actually have the same picture as is used in the film, signed by Miss Newmar herself, that says “To Maryanne, thanks for everything, Julie Newmar.” Because I am that big of a geek.)
    I know you know #10, it’s just tricky because of the keywords I chose.

    Hi! Welcome!
    #7 was the only correct one, although the others fit, and I definitely enjoy said movies. I need to watch Rope again.

  4. Hi!

    Following Jamie’s trail here!

    I think 5 is Fifth Element (coincidence?), and 10 is Hard Day’s Night.

  5. Maryanne on

    Hi Wallflower!

    You’re right on both counts! And yes, Fifth Element being #5 was a complete coincidence.

    Only 3 and 6 left, and I’ll admit, they’re slightly obscure. Not totally obscure, but not the first that might jump to mind.

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