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So my friend Rachel (who I haven’t talked to in forever- Hi Rachel!) posted in the comments of the last post that she needs some book recommendations. She asked for my 5 favs, but here’s the problem- well, two problems; first, I don’t think I could just narrow it down to 5, and second, my top 5 wouldn’t necessarily be her style. Working in retail, making recommendations on a daily basis taught me that you’ve got to tailor the suggestions to the people, or you’re doomed.

So, Rachel wanted books that weren’t too wordy and wouldn’t take too much effort. I take that to mean not overly symbolic or “literary” in a flashy kind of way. She also mentioned her hubby’s airport bookstore offerings not making the grade, so I’m assuming that means genre books (sci-fi, chick-lit, thrillers) are out.

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  1. Kim H. on

    I would add on:

    A Girl Named Zippy (by Haven Kimmel). It’s the memoirs of Haven’s childhood during the late 70’s. Hilarious.

  2. Maryanne,
    Thanks for the hook up! You’re ma musta been a genius and your dadda must been a psychic. These sound perfect. I am way interested in people and what they do and how they live and that is where I think I should take my reading. I Have seen the “Hours” movie and have enjoyed some of Salinger’s work. I am just not in the habit of reading and it has taken me to be an old lady to actually enjoy it. I will follow your wise council and report back later to be further enlightened.
    Tell Bruce “hey” for me and thanks again!!

  3. I have been fascinated by Mitchner, Checkout Africa, and Texas, They are like amazing trips through time starting from the eyes of the indigenous people to present day. Wonderful characters and an intense amount of research make these great reads.

  4. bruce on

    Ben lies like a rug! I know he hasn’t read a book before!

  5. Be nice Bruce! Just because you read the back of shampoo bottles while in the can…

    Ha! I forgot how silly all you kidz are!

    Thanks for the tips. I am now reading D. Parker and love her already!


  6. I would love your personal book recommendations. Although I might never have the time to read them. I love fantasy, science fiction and historical fiction. Something I can get totally obsessed with but not have to think about to much would be great.

  7. Hey girl!
    Remember me? I love your blog, super-duper awesome.
    I’d love an update on your life and family, so throw me a line okay?
    Take care! =)

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