Should I take the distinct lack of anything new on the blogs and websites I usually read as a sign that I should give in and stop procrastinating working on the reviews I need to finish? I just can’t believe Read more ›

Go- look.


In the course of looking for stuff, I ran across this artist’s blog- her art is divine. Apparently she’s done work in the Flight anthologies, which I’ve been meaning to get anyway. So, go, look.

help please


I need to find girl characters in children’s books whose names start with the following letters: F, I, K, O, U, V, X It would be preferable if they were nice characters, but at this point I can’t be picky. Read more ›


Han Hay!


I love you! I’m so glad you found my blog! love, han hay Edited to add- I realize this post probably makes no sense to most of the people reading it, so I will endeavor to explain. In college, my Read more ›

Why books? Part 1


I cannot tell you how much I identify with this post. I love this: “Literature is the only cause for which I am a natural missionary. If I were stripped of the voices and characters I