My sewing mojo has gone. It was here, and now it’s gone. While it was here I made a skirt for Zoe out of one of B’s old Hawaiian shirts (the need to make that skirt is what brought on the mojo), a little quilt for her, and a skirt for me. But the last two skirts I’ve made? Oh goodness. One was way too small, one was way too big- leading me to believe that the mojo is in fact, gone. It doesn’t help that I work firmly in the guerilla-make-it-up-as-you-go-along school of sewing. It might also have something to do with the fact that I just bought fabric- and I have the feeling that sewing might be like poker and horse racing are for me- I’m unbeatable unless money is involved.

However, I’ve learned some things about myself during this sewing blitz, including the following:

1. I’ve inherited my mom’s perfectionism, but none of her accuracy or attention to detail.

2. I will never be on Project Runway. I truly believe my horrendous technique would reduce Tim Gunn to tears.

3. If my life or the life of my loved ones were dependent on it, I still could not cut in a straight line.

Oh well, I will soldier on, and keep trying. Someday I will be able to make pretty, though flawed, things again, but until then I’ll just stand here and wave to my mojo as it flits away. Goo-bye!

PS. Which cartoon character was it that said Goo-bye? Was it some kind of little chicken? I can’t remember, and it’s driving me crazy.

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  1. Kim H. on

    My sewing mojo has been on vacation for a few years. I keep inviting her back but she refuses to read the invites. I hope yours doesn’t leave for a long vacation. Sewing can be so fun.

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