Han Hay!

I love you! I’m so glad you found my blog!


han hay

Edited to add- I realize this post probably makes no sense to most of the people reading it, so I will endeavor to explain. In college, my group of friends was made up of people with the same names- 2 Jasons, 3 Daves, lots of Jennys, Jens, and Jennifers. I was the only Maryanne, and my best friend Meaghan was the only Meaghan (although there was a Megan who we called Little Megan, but she didn’t hang out with us all the time). So Meaghan and I felt a little left out, and one night in our 3 am delirium, inspired by one of our friends named Jason (the one who many times we called Hayson) we decided that we really did have the same name- she was Meag-han hay, and I was Mary-han hay. Pretty soon it was shortened, and everyone just called us both Han hay. My brother in law still does sometimes.
All that to say, Meaghan just found my blog, and I’m glad.

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  1. I love you too! You have now been added to my favorites under books. This is where I keep the links to all of my favorite authors. Also it is so wonderful to listen (I hear your voice when I read you bog) to you talk about literature. I guess I always hear voices when I read. I rarely get to talk to people about books let alone read one. My wonderful but somewhat

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