Why books? Part 1

I cannot tell you how much I identify with this post. I love this:

“Literature is the only cause for which I am a natural missionary. If I were stripped of the voices and characters I

3 thoughts on “Why books? Part 1

  1. So glad you liked the post.

    I loved reading your memories — and how pivotal the library was to your reading life. I love stepping into a library, love that almost every town, no matter the size, has a place dedicated to lending books for free.

  2. Becky on

    I love libraries!

    My son love Cam Jensen and he checks out so many books he wanted a backpack of his very own.

    I never reread a book…I think I need to work on that. MY son on the other hand likes to read them over and over again. I didn’t know people did this, I thought it was just a weird quirk he would grow out of. Oh what a tiny sheltered mind I have…good thing there are books to broaden my horizon!

  3. I loved your post! I had no idea you had a blog I was (procastinating) looking at Zoe’s site and saw the link. Reading your post is almost like having you in the same room. I loved it! It looks like I have hours of maryanne post to catch up on. Reading has always been my favorite form of procastinating!

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