help please

I need to find girl characters in children’s books whose names start with the following letters:

F, I, K, O, U, V, X

It would be preferable if they were nice characters, but at this point I can’t be picky. They can be in anything from picture books to say, Little Women.
I’ll explain what I need them for once I’m done. 🙂


7 thoughts on “help please

  1. Maryanne on

    Fiona! Good one!

    Veronica could work… I was thinking prose, but comics could work too. The door is officially open to comics.

  2. Hmmm… I don’t know that these are any good, but I’ll give it a shot…

    For I, there’s Iris – the Messenger of the Gods (from Greek Myths), and Irene from the Princess and the Goblin.

    For K, there’s Kanga from Winnie the Pooh. Or Kristi Thomas from the Babysitter’s Club. 😛

    All I could think of for O was Oompa Loompas (some of them had to be female, right?) and Old Mother Hubbard. Oooh… Christ just thought of Olivia.

    U – Una (and Dan) in Rudyard Kipling’s “Puck of Pook’s Hill.”

    V – Veruca Salt and Violet Beareguard (also from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), Violet from the Boxcar Children.

    No luck on X. Sorry!

  3. Becky on

    This is from Trina: Fern in Charlotte’s web…Also, Felicity, Kaya and Kit are in the American Girls series.
    I have always loved Princess Irene in the Princess and the Goblin by MacDonald.

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