Does this count toward my goal of 100 books?

Zoe loves books, and loves to have me read to her. Usually I love it, but today I found myself saying:

“Can’t you pick another book? Preferably one that isn’t 400 pages and a coloring book?”

Yes, I’ve read a 400 page Curious George coloring book 3 times in the last 2 days.

One thought on “Does this count toward my goal of 100 books?

  1. Hi MaRyAnNe, Remember me? I found you through the Stier’s blog. I know you love books and I love the idea of books—so I ask your advice…
    What are your top 5 favs? Nothing to wordy that will make me reread paragraphs and apply too much effort.
    Any help you can offer is appreciated as I am not diggin’ on my husband’s airport gift shop pick ups. I am sure this must sound desperate, but the women in my LDS circuit read self-help here in Washington…silly. I will check your blog comments soon for a reply.
    Hope all is well with you and your family!

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