Mindy, on candy

The character of Kelly Kapoor on The Office is one of the great pleasures of watching the show. She’s hilarious, and cracks me up every time she’s on . The woman who plays her, Mindy Kaling, is one of the writers on the show, and she has her own blog all about things she buys.

One thought on “Mindy, on candy

  1. Hey! I just clicked over here from Segullah and was surprised to find another person with a favorite Mindy post. (I sometimes won’t read her blog since it’s often so crass, but then again, sometimes I do . . .) Here’s mine, which was also from March, having to do with a seahorse baby comb:

    “The nascent hair on a baby’s head is one of the cuter things God has provided us to look at. There’s barely any of it, and it’s softer than basically anything. (A good Cruella Deville type villain in a cartoon movie would insist on long sweaters made of baby’s hair, I think. Cruella: “I won’t be satisfied until every baby in this town has their head shaved and I have that hair in my clutches!!” Actually, *I* want that sweater!).”

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