Christmas week in pictures

Christmas dresses for the Sunday before Christmas. Z wore hers from last year, and Tiny’s  was her birthday present from her Grandma. They didn’t match, but they did match for the cousin party later in the week:

where they danced,

decorated “Christmas trees”,

and generally had a grand ol’ time.

(For Aunt Cindy: from left to right: Zoe, Aiden, Tiny, Ethan, Elenoa, Kyleigh, Dylan)

The next day, because we forgot the above pictured Christmas tree at Auntie’s house, we decorated our own gingerbread houses. Z thought she being sneaky wiping all of the frosting off from between the candy and eating it.  When I laughed and told her it was ok to do, she was quite confused.

On Christmas Eve we went to San Francisco with the extended family for lunch at Pier 39:

Tiny was quite happy during lunch with her blankie and Pooh Bear. This was before the ear infection of doom kicked in. Doom, I tell you.

Then we explored the Pier:

Zoe, modeling on the Pier:

The girls got new pjs on Christmas Eve, (we all did – the joys of being the one picking the presents!).

Tiny rocked the Cindy Lou-Who look,

and Zoe did the robot while I took pictures. (Quite literally, she did the robot dance. I could post a series of pictures, but I won’t.)

Then my camera battery gave out, and Tiny woke up with an ear infection, which we didn’t know about until 2 days of screaming later.

It was lovely.

But really, we did have a wonderful time, despite the crazed, hysterical screaming. Everyone loved their presents and was quite spoiled. (Especially me! Woohoo!)

I’ll post pictures from Christmas Day if I can figure out where they are (we took them with the other camera).

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas too, sans screaming! 🙂

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