At this moment

I’m in a funky, feisty mood.  I think it will be remedied by attacking my house. Either with cleaning, or fire. (Note: This should not be used against me should my house catch on fire.)

We’re listening to Follow the Prophet. It is an EPIC song. It has approximately 57 verses. And more than 1/2 of them are more than 1/2 snark.

I’m reading Simplicity Parenting: Using the Extraordinary Power of Less to Raise Calmer, Happier, and More Secure Kids, which is fantastic, and is inspiring me to throw out about 3/4 of everything we own. Anyone want anything? Seriously, now is the time to lay claim.

Z is calling me to see the poop she pooped in the potty. When do they stop showing you their poop?

Tiny just snaked Z’s juice box. It was pretty funny.

Speaking of giving things away, I have a LeapFrog WordLaunch Learn-to-Read-It System that needs a home. First person who says they want it, gets it. It’s new in the box, and looks pretty cool. I might actually have 2, should you not be the 1st person and still want it- I just have to make sure the 2nd one has the cable-y thingie.  (Don’t take the fact that I’m giving it away as a sign, it just won’t connect to our TV the way we have everything set up. And the 2nd one is an extra my mom had, and I’d said I’d find it a home.)

I have an Oprah magazine sitting on my desk that’s been sitting here, unread, for more than a week.

Tiny is screaming. I think it’s time for a nap.

I get to go see Sherlock Holmes tonight. Yay! It looks pretty much tailor made for me, and I’m going to enjoy it, no matter what anyone else says. To quote Mindy Kaling, “1860’s London in winter is my favorite setting, ever.”   That might not be strictly true, but it’s pretty close.

I’m eating a piece of peanut butter fudge. I have to make the most of it before Jan. 1 when I say farewell to sugar.

Seriously, people, where does all the crap in my house come from? And why can’t I type u and s in their proper order in words? I’ve done it wrong at every opportunity in this post.

Off to clean out my fridge and try to obliterate the coleslaw smell. (To my knowledge, there is no coleslaw in the fridge. This slightly disturbs me.)

What’s going with you at this moment?

2 thoughts on “At this moment

  1. Umm… I think the stuff comes because getting presents is your love way, or whatever that is.
    I am trying not to throw-up. 🙂

  2. If you’re serious I’d like the Leap Frog for Savannah to grow into! Brianna would love it. You reminded me that I have to clean out the fridge before it gets a few funky smells going on! I’m working tons of overtime and that’s about all that’s going on at my house other than Trav called from the airport yesterday. It felt so good to talk to him. I thought they’d email me to tell me he was there but they haven’t. Good thing I followed his flight by satellite over the internet and I know the plane landed safely! I’ll just wait for his P-day and an email to tell me he’s there safe. Oh, I can’t type “the” worth beans bz it always comes out “teh, eht, het.” I have a program that flips it to “the” for me when I work! Wish I had that so when I type emails or anything on the computer it did it!

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