Christmas in the Park

Every year in downtown San Jose they (who’s they? I don’t know. The City?) takes a park and turns it into a veritable Christmas wonderland filled with Christmas trees and cute, if odd, displays. We’d never gone, but decided to make it a field trip for our Moms Playgroup. So today we met up with some friends (and even got a surprise guest appearance from Hilary! WOO HOO! I need to magically run into you more often!) and braved the beauty and strangeness of Christmas in the park.

100_6113Some very pretty trees.


Crazy jungle tree. This one was a kid favorite.

100_6109And an Up tree. Very cute.

100_6119Bears, riding a carousel. Of course.


We all saw this and said, “What do frogs have to do with Christmas?”. Then we saw that it was called Caribbean Christmas, and said, “Oh!”. Then we thought a second more, and said, “What do frogs have to do with the Caribbean?” And we ended up more confused than we started.

100_6124Z and one of her BFFs.

100_6098Two adorable misses. And check out Z’s new coat, I love it. You can see it better in the following picture- just ignore her face, I’m not sure what she was doing.


And just in case you didn’t know:


5 thoughts on “Christmas in the Park

  1. Was that MY Hilary you ran into? I’m jealous!

    And do they make Zoe’s coat in “big girl” sizes?

  2. Maryanne on

    It was your Hilary (and mine. And Adam’s. And, I suppose, Justin’s.) It was awesome.
    I wish they made Z’s coat in big girl sizes, I would LOVE one. The inside lining is hot pink.

  3. The other, less-exciting, Hilary was playing room mom. What a fun outing!!!! We’re going tomorrow night. Drew’s playing there at 8 pm (kill me now). Super excited. Can’t you tell?

  4. Maryanne on

    I would have been just as happy to see you there, Hilary, just not as surprised. 🙂
    I think it would be cool at night, but there’s no way we’re trying that for another couple of years at least.

  5. What a fun display in the park! Every time I see Z I think she’s the spitting image of you. You were about this size when Larry and I got married and I have pictures of you in our first apartment! Both girls are so darling!

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