Lots of pictures part 2

More pictures from the last couple of months.

From the grounds of the mausoleum of Tokugawa Ieyasu in Ueno Park:

IMG_6433 IMG_6434 IMG_6436 IMG_6444 IMG_6453


Massive alligator in Ueno Zoo.IMG_6508

Fortune telling machine at the Kiyomizu Kannon Temple.IMG_6593

Tiny kind of liked it.IMG_6598

Displays from the Museum of Natural History and Science. This was when I realized that Japan kind of actually did the steampunk thing.IMG_6650

This is a “robot” used to deliver cups of tea to guests. (It usually had a kimono to cover its workings.)IMG_6654

Death this way?IMG_6655 IMG_6660

There was a special exhibit of the Yoshimoto Collection. From the museum description: “The Yoshimoto Collection is a collection of specimens that were hunted in various parts of the world between 1946 and 1995. The collection was donated to the National museum of Nature and Science in 1997 by the W.T. Yoshimoto Foundation on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. The collection consists of 412 specimens of mammals, birds, and reptiles, most of which are whole body taxidermies. The Yoshimoto Collection is distinct from ordinary hunting collections in that Mr. Yoshimoto emphasized the importance of preserving a taxidermy as a record, while collecting the specimins taking note of when and where almost each and every individual animal was taken, and all of these hunting records have been donated along with the specimens as supplementary materials. The existence of such records related to the specimens is of extreme scientific importance.”IMG_6663

From the Hakone Open Air MuseumIMG_6678 IMG_6680 IMG_6687

From the Shrine of the 47 RoninIMG_6720

This was in a train station somewhere. IMG_6751

These are from the super awesome Edo-Tokyo Museum:IMG_6755 There are a series of commercials here that feature a woman riding in a rickshaw. The girls are reenacting one here.IMG_6758 Lunch in Shinjuku Gyoen.IMG_6765 IMG_6767 IMG_6768 October cherry blossoms.
IMG_6789 Kiki met Harry Potter on Halloween.IMG_6801

The Giant Buddha in Kamakura.

Bronson is good. Now you know.IMG_6853While my mom was here, she fell in love with the architecture. This picture is for her.

From Senso-ji Temple in Asakusa.IMG_6858 IMG_6860 Another one for my momma.IMG_6874Christmas illuminations in Shinjuku.
IMG_6879 Fashionable Miss Tiny.IMG_6887 I have no idea.IMG_6891 Our friends Jon and Terry Hastings came to visit from California. We took them to Max Brenner Chocolate Bar, where we all died of chocolate.

Chocolate caramel hot chocolate.IMG_6898 Chocolate pizza.IMG_6901S’mores.
IMG_6902 Fondue.IMG_6905 Roasting marshmallows.IMG_6906 We also went with them to a cat cafe. IMG_6918 IMG_6925 IMG_6932 IMG_6936 And to Odaiba to see giant robots.IMG_6960 Jon, Terry, and I went to Gon Pachi, the restaraunt that the restaurant in Kill Bill is based on. It has great atmosphere, and the food is really really good. I had wagyu beef and it was the best food I’ve ever eaten in my life. I want it as my last meal, should I get to pick such a thing. Soooooo good.IMG_6965 There was an all woman taiko band playing when we got there. It was amazing.IMG_6969More to come! (Seriously, I have so many pictures. How did I get so behind?)

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