Utterly random thoughts

Ok, not so random, as the first couple of them were brought on by reading gofugyourself.com today. But they will seem random here.

I’m super excited for Gwen Stefani to be on The Voice. I love her unabashedly. She is gorgeous (THAT FACE!) and would choose her as my spirit animal if my spirit animal could be a person. How about fairy godmother? I’d choose her as my fairy godmother. This video (and song) is one of my favorite things ever.

I think The Voice an excellent venue for the judges, because they actually get to show off their personalities. I enjoyed Maroon 5 before watching the show, but never really had an opinion about Adam Levine. But he’s utterly adorable on the show and I totally like him now. Same with Shakira. So I’m excited to see Gwen Stefani show her stuff.

I don’t understand Pitbull at all. His music bugs me, and his face always surprises me. I don’t know what I think he should look like, but it’s not this:


Speaking of gofugyourself.com (which, if you recall, I was), their write up of this weeks Royals News is awesome. I love their writing in general, but this whole post made me smile. A sample:

Also, you know William is like, “I cannot believe I am this jetlagged still and now I have to keep Harry from getting naked and streaking Graceland with a bunch of bridesmaids. I AM BUT ONE MAN,” 

I finished the book Greatby Sarah Benincasa yesterday, and while I will post about it in this week’s book post, I will just say now that I have thoughts. So many thoughts.

Have you ever thought about what your catchphrase would be if you were a mentor on some show like Project Runway or something? You know, something you say often, like St. Tim Gunn says, “Make it work” or “That’s a lot of look”? Mine would be “I have thoughts” and “I have a crazy idea”. I feel like I say or write those two things all the time. And I would love to be a mentor on a reality show about people trying to accomplish goals. I love encouraging people to dream big and try crazy things.

Speaking of crazy ideas, I’ve had one percolating over the last couple of days that involves chemistry and candy. I don’t know if I know enough about chemistry or candy to pull it off, but that has never stopped me before.

If you haven’t seen the movie About Time, you should check it out. It’s utterly lovely. It’s done by the Love Actually guy, and knowing that, I thought it was going to kind of be sappy, but it isn’t at all. The premise is that a young man turns 21 and his dad (played by the incredible Bill Nighy) tells him that the males in their family can travel backward in time. They can only go within their lifespans, and Tim (the young man) uses this ability to find love. The scope of the movie is so much bigger than that, though, and it is really just so very good. There is some swearing in it, but it’s not ridiculous. Just go with it, it’s so worth it. You will probably cry. Just saying.

I’m figuring out school for next year and it’s hurting my brain. But it’s exciting. I think it’s starting to come together, and I love it when I can start to see the outlines of the vision.

I’ve been seeking out new music lately, and I ran across White Sea, who is coming out with an album later this month. I love her voice, and I’ve been listening to this song over and over.

I’m really excited that So You Think You Can Dance is starting soon. I miss it when it’s away. Truly.

I watched Center Stage a couple nights ago for the first time in a long time. My viewing choice came down to Dirty Dancing and Center Stage, but apparently a completely impossible costume/hair/stage background change beat out Baby. I’d forgotten not only how pretty everyone in the movie is, but just how incredible some of the dancing is. Did you know that Ethan Stiefel, the guy who plays Cooper Neilsen, was the Dean of the University of North Carolina’s School of Dance? Or that he is (was?) the Artistic Director of the Royal New Zealand Ballet? It’s true.

I’d also forgotten how atrocious some of the writing/acting is, which is why it’s such a blessing that the dancing is so incredible. Both of these guys are just so good.

I think that’s all I’ve got for now. I’m going to go dive back into The Thin Man, which is just lovely. I love gorgeous dialogue.

What’s your catchphrase? On what kind of reality show would you want to be a mentor?

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