Cinderella’s Castle at Tokyo Disneyland

I told you it got it’s own post. I adore Tokyo Disneyland, I find it utterly magical, and I think a lot of the reason is the ubiquitousness of Cinderella’s castle. I’m fairly certain you can see at least part of it from 90% of the park. Just seeing it peeking out above other rides makes me happy.

It’s probably Disney sacrilege of some kind, but I think this castle is prettier than the one in CA.


IMG_2272 IMG_2339 IMG_3625 IMG_3626 IMG_3627 IMG_3766

This Cinderella’s castle doesn’t have a walkway through it like CA Disneyland’s, because it has an attraction inside. You take an elevator upstairs to walk through parts of the castle, where there are painted moments from the movie, as well as art installations in different mediums that portray different parts of the story. IMG_3775 IMG_3776 IMG_3777 IMG_3778 IMG_3779 IMG_3784 IMG_3786

There’s also a room where you can “try on” the glass slipper and sit on Cinderella’s throne. The girls had fun with that.  IMG_3793 IMG_3804 IMG_3817 IMG_3820

Zoe started out as a benevolent ruler,IMG_3823

but turned pretty quickly.

And Tiny just started right off calling for people’s heads. With the little ears she looks like a mini Malificent.IMG_3839

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