Japan!: Shibuya

We went into Shibuya today to wander around. Here’s some of what we saw.

The train tunnel at Daikanyama station: IMG_7488 Train route map: IMG_7490   Tiny, dressed like a Tokyo girl. IMG_7492   I love these colors together: IMG_7493


IMG_7496   This is an article of resistance. IMG_7498   I shouldn’t find this funny, but I do. IMG_7499

IMG_7500 Guy reading manga at Lotteria. IMG_7501 Z eating her favorite chicken at Lotteria. Lotteria is a fast food chain that has hamburgers and chicken, as well as what appears to be a ramen burger? We didn’t notice it until after we’d ordered, or one of us would have gotten it. They also have another burger that seems to have potato salad on top. Anyway, the girls love to eat there, and when we’re out and need to eat, we usually end up there. The cheeseburgers are seriously delicious, way better than McDonalds or Burger King, and probably healthier. IMG_7505 An ad for GI Joe. IMG_7506 I love this building. IMG_7507



IMG_7512 We went to Village Vanguard, a chain store that carries all sorts of things from books to kitschy kitchen goods to cameras. Their store in Shibuya is labyrinthine and wonderful, and I could spend hours and hours there. (As we were there I was wishing I had a transporter to bring Jimmie and Gail, and Jon and Terry there, you guys would LOVE it.) I’ve already warned B that I will most probably end up with a large collection of Japanese fashion books before we’re done with our time here. (That one down there at the bottom- Amoyamo Circus? I have my eye on that one.)



I love the covers of these Philip K. Dick books.


Hellboy in Japanese!


The girls, enjoying being “taller than everyone in Japan!”




Outside of the fabric store I haven’t been in once this visit. I will make up for that next time. (There are two pictures because I had to show that there are still some girls running around in lacy knickers and no pants, but also wanted a clear shot of the front of the store.)




Eyelash on fashion!!!



3 thoughts on “Japan!: Shibuya

  1. At the LA airport this week, *again* I saw a young Japanese woman I wanted to photograph for you but a stout man got in the way.
    She was wearing a floral black skirt with black tights, white ankle socks, and birkenstocks.

  2. Are the girls still getting photo-mobbed by folks on the street? They are so cute and I’m sure their blonde hair is all the rage in Japan. haha!

    Also, I’m digging the choice of photos. Nice subjects.

  3. Also: That tunnel is awesome, that corner brick building is amazing, and this post is sorely lacking in Maryanne.

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