Japan!: Our day in Denenchofu and Daikanyama

Today is a National Holiday in Japan- Greenery Day. It’s supposed to commemorate Emperor Hirohito’s love of nature without directly mentioning his name.  (The day used to commemorate his birthday each year when he was alive.) Since parts of his reign were controversial, this is the compromise.  I find this totally fascinating. But anyway, the day is intended as one to commune with nature and remember your blessings. We’re totally on board for that. We decided to go out to a park in Denenchofu that is down the street from where we will be living come July.

On our way to the train station we saw the Fashion Service Car truck. For all your Fashion Service needs, I suppose.


Here are pictures of the park where we picnicked.  So very pretty.




Look closer at the row of rocks. Do you see them?


8 turtles.


Tiny, looking adorable.


Z was given a school backpack by the daughter of one of B’s co-workers. She’s in high school now, so she doesn’t need it any more.  (She’s used it since 1st grade and it’s still in gorgeous condition.) Z has wanted one of these since we came here the first time, and I told her she was probably never going to get one, because they are REALLY expensive. She was so thrilled to get this one, and was so excited to use it today to carry our lunch.


The girls on a “good luck path”. The other day, at a different park, the girls declared a stone path like this one a “good luck path”. If you walk on it, it gives you good luck. As we were walking, Tiny turned to me and said, in all seriousness, “Legend says that if you don’t walk on the good luck path for a long time, it will disappear.” I almost died. Legend, huh. 🙂



This area of Denenchofu is full of crazy huge houses.  (Very ritzy people live here. We live just outside this area, and our house is not so huge, though it is big.) This is a house:


After we got home, Bruce kept the girls at home while I went out to explore Daikanyama. The girls usually really enjoy going into stores, but for some reason they rebel against going into stores in Daikanyama. So I went today and explored to my hearts content.



I love this next picture so much.


This sign says, “We stimulate your “5” senses. The Brisk.  Vintage New THRILLING STUNNING EXTRAORDINARY Unique and high quality selections of Vintage pre-owned and new clothes.” How in the world can you say no to that kind of enthusiasm?


I got a new lightweight scarf (not at The Brisk). I couldn’t resist the color.


2 thoughts on “Japan!: Our day in Denenchofu and Daikanyama

  1. Brandy on

    Oh my goodness you are so pretty! And Tiny is perhaps the most unintentionally funny quotable child ever 🙂

  2. 1 – As an ex-skateboarder that *strictly skate boarding* is pretty nifty… and makes me curious.

    2 – I was wondering about that backpack. It is one of the classic school backpacks, per Japanese culture.

    3 – Yes, as Brandy notes, you are quite pretty. I’ve known that for years. Haha! Bruce is one lucky man! Hmmm…. but why don’t we see more pics of the handsome Bruce, too?

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