Japan!: The magic house

We are in the final process of nailing down the house that we’ll be living in when we move here in July. The story of how we came to this house is one I need to write about at some point, but not now. Instead I will just post some pictures of it’s awesomest bits.

The front door:


The light fixture in the living room. So shiny!


Part of the gorgeous garden out back.

In the dining room there’s a closet.


If you slide the wall of the closet to the side…


you find a secret tea room! Our real estate guy said he’d never seen anything like it.


It has a sink and everything. (You can also slide the screens to cover the sink.)



Isn’t it AWESOME?? More pictures to come in a couple months, once we’ve moved in.

5 thoughts on “Japan!: The magic house

  1. That is SO cool! How fun for your kids to have a secret room in their home. Looking forward to seeing more pictures once you move in!

  2. Nicki on

    It’s like a secret clubhouse!!! That would be the most magical playroom ever. Or you can put a wardrobe in front if the secret door and cut a hole in the back to make it the entrance to Narnia! Haha!

  3. Brandy on

    Joey was just saying the other day that he wished he had a secret room 🙂 I’ll have to show him this!

    Congrats on finding a house; let us all know the address when you move in July, so Christmas cards, etc. can find you 🙂

  4. Love all the sliding / hidden / areas. Good luck on finding your home away from home. We miss you back here, but we know you have work to do in Japan. By the way, Gail LOVES closets, so in her opinion… the more the better.

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