Japan! Hiroo

The other day we stopped in Hiroo on our way to Ginza. There is an LDS temple there, which is beautiful. Across the street is an amazing park; a great example of how well thought out the parks here are, everywhere you turned was a beautifully cultivated view. On the way back we saw a Christmas tree for sale, more on that later.

(It says, There have been swarms of harmful insects so please don’t go into bush.

Ready for some math? 1 yen equals roughly  0.01 US dollar.

You’ll note, it’s marked down from 42000 yen to only 25250. Google tells me that means it’s now $314.30, marked down from $502.87, FOR A CHRISTMAS TREE. Utter insanity,

2 thoughts on “Japan! Hiroo

  1. That’s some serious tree money! The only prices in the states like that are for artificial trees with the wiring and lights embedded in the branches. And even that is a lot of money.

    Other than that… as usual, I LOVE all the off-the-tourist-track photos that you provide. Seriously, this is the Japan I’d like to see. My wife continues to ask me what country would I like to visit and I always say Japan. However, I see my trip(s) to Japan as a series… not just one. I’d like to go as a tourist and stay in a hotel in Tokyo or something and get all that stuff out the way. Then I’d go again but stay with someone in the residential prefectures. Then I’d go again and travel to the countryside regions away from the city. In all 3 Japan trips is what I would like to do.

    However, you’re going straight for the gold. Staying there for two months, living in the residential areas and seeing the parts of Japan not in the travel brochures. I’m so jealous!

  2. I’m also kinda wondering why we’re not seeing some photos of YOU in Japan! Hahah!

    I mean it is Japan, right? Isn’t it true that most people there are very honest? Just hand your camera to a nice looking person and see if they’ll take your picture with the girls.

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