Japan! Santa!

Last week we had a Christmas party at the church building. It was a lovely party, and the girls were excited to know that Santa would be there. When he arrived he had all the kids come up on the stage and talked to them about why we give gifts at Christmas- how we are celebrating Christ’s birth and talked a bit about the three wise men bringing Christ gifts. Then each of the kids got to tell him what they wanted and got a candy cane. He was bilingual, and was able to talk in Japanese or English- whichever was easier for the kid at hand.

Z was a bit aloof, and afterward confided to me that she didn’t think he was the real Santa, because his beard was fake. (We know that he has lots of helpers, and that sometimes you luck out and get the real one, but not always.) Regardless, she was confident in the fact that we sent off letters long ago to the real Santa, and she has faith that he’s on top of things and will deliver the Lego Horse stall set that she wants to our house in California. Tiny just thought the whole thing was marvelous.



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