Japan! Omotesando Hills Christmas

Today the girls and I went to Harajuku to do some shopping. As we walked around, we decided to check out Omotesando Hills, which is a super high end shopping mall. If it’s a pricey store, it’s there. Jimmy Choo? Check. Harry Winston (complete with gated door and doorman)? Check. Kids Armani? Check, and I’m not kidding.

Anyway, there are a number of shopping centers in Harajuku celebrating Walt Disney’s 110 anniversary with special products. ( I saw the most amazing clothes today that I would kill for- and would have to for the price!) Omotesando Hills was participating, so we went in to see what they had. We found something magical instead.

Before we got inside, the girls posed with Mickey and Minnie.

Inside we stumbled upon this, but what was it?

So we went down to check it out. Amidst music and changing colored lights, we found:

A princess castle!

The pathway leading up to it was lined with Christmas trees, decorated for each princess. I wish they had these big mirror ornaments for sale!

With the music and beautiful lights, it truly felt magical. Hello Christmas!


2 thoughts on “Japan! Omotesando Hills Christmas

  1. Mike S on

    Aw, no Leia or Padme princess trees yet? Maybe next year!

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