Japan! Odaiba

Last week we went on a trip out to Odaiba, where we met some friends to play. Odaiba is a big man made island that was originally made during the Tokugawa shogunate to defend from attacks by sea, but is now a huge entertainment area. There’s a really neat science museum, which is where we went. Unfortunately there was no photography allowed in the museum, but here’s some other pictures from around Odaiba. It’s definitely a place we have to go back to- there’s a lot more there to see.

To get there we took the monorail over the Rainbow Bridge. The bridge is awesome, it has 3 levels- the top is a freeway, the bottom is for the monorail in the center and for people walking on the sides, and the second level is also for cars, I think.


The girls and their friend Miki.

This is a little Christmas romance spot- you each hold on to one of the metal things with one hand, and hold each other’s hand with the other, and music starts and lights go. The girls thought it was fantastic.

A huge replica of the Statue of Liberty. Because, why not?

Entrance to a pet store:

And just because it made me laugh. Meh.


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