Japan! Ebisu

Ebisu holds a special place in my heart because the music in the train station sounds like Sherlock Holmes music. It makes me happy every time we go past it. (You can hear what I’m talking about if you watch this video . The music I’m talking about is at the 1 minute mark, and also at about 1:56. The rest of the video isn’t terribly interesting, but it does show what the station looks like. We take these trains almost every day.)  And the music might not sound like Sherlock Holmes to you, but it’s what it reminds me of. (If you don’t know what music I mean, go here.)

The other day we decided to go wander there, which I’m kind of surprised we hadn’t done before since it’s only a stop away.  We found some fun things, and had a good time exploring on a cold day.

This was possibly the girls’ favorite part. The train station is connected to a big shopping area by a series of moving sidewalks.

Burger King here tastes the same (although they have an avocado Whopper that I’ve never seen in the States that is DELISH!!) but costs about twice as much.

A cute family restroom in a department store.

This was an art installation (I assume)- a huge, gorgeous, shiny chandelier. Sure, why not?

There is a building in Ebisu called Ebisu Tower, and it has viewing areas on its 38th and 39th floors. There are even elevators that only go to those floors.

The ground is far away when you’re 39 stories up.

We live somewhere behind that big tower with the blue stripe on the top.

A lot of restaurants inside shopping centers have these little chairs outside. Every time the  girls see them they want to sit on them.


This is a huge, very expensive restaurant. It’s called Chateau Restaurant Joel Robuchon, and as you can see, looks like a French chateau.

We found a park with an actual substantial play structure. The girls were in heaven.

I present this without explanation.

I don’t know what this building is, but it is fantastic.

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  1. Heya, guys! I’ve been away (as you may know) so I’m just catching up on all the excitement. The girls continue to look like they are having a wonderful time. As for the benches…. I assume they love to sit on them because (as you said) it’s a lot of walking and their little legs get tired.

    Nice Princess tower. That must have put Tiny over the moon.

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