Life around here

The tree in our backyard.

One of the trees out front.

The girls on a walk.

Honkin’ big geese up the street.

Make a wish!

Checking out the ducks at the fountain.

Z was very impressed by this, and wants to try it in the pool this summer. We were also quite entertained by the duck getting a drink below:

A Mourning Dove.

Happy little flowers.

From our trip to the farm today- Tiny with one of her best friends, Elise. This picture so reminded me of the picture below, taken 2 years ago, of their sisters…

Tiny met a goat. She wasn’t too sure about it.

Portrait of a Tiny at a farm. (Heehee, I find this picture hilarious.)

Portrait of a Zoe at a farm.

We met a horse!

And saw gorgeous little flowers.

And an ENORMOUS pig. Seriously, the thing was huge. Massive even.

It was such a glorious day today. I got some sad news this morning and cried on and off for a bit of it, but getting out into this beautiful world reminds me that we are so loved. We are known, and cared for, and provided for, and while this world is a beautiful place, we weren’t put here to stay forever. We are all intended to go back to our Heavenly home. Knowing that doesn’t necessarily make the loss of loved ones less painful, but it does take the sting out of it a little. I’m so grateful for the gospel, so grateful for the knowledge I have that Christ overcame death and that we can be with our loved ones again, healed and whole. And until that time, I intend to enjoy every moment, every bit of this gorgeous work of creation that I can.

2 thoughts on “Life around here

  1. Hilary on

    I love you Miss Maryanne! Oodles and oodles.

  2. Cindy on

    I’m so sorry for your sad news or loss. It’s never an easy thing to hear, even when someone has been sick a long time and it ends their pain. God bless you Maryanne.

    On a different note, the girls are absolutely adorable and growing so fast! I love the pictures and am so happy you updated your blog. Sometimes I feel all alone in the blogging world.

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