Random photo day, or, I found my camera cables!

From a trip to the wildlife refuge:

What’s in her hands, you ask?

Lots of rocks, of course.


In honor of my sweet cousin Kellianne:

For my Auntie (and anyone else who hasn’t seen the new house):

(I’ll post pictures of the rest of the house later, these were just what were on my camera.)

The living room.

The “school” area.

My craft closet.

The girls’ room.

Their awesome wall stickers.

The view out their window.

The view out the kitchen window.

A squirrely friend in the back yard.

That’s it for now. I’m so glad to finally have my camera working again (the charger had been missing too), so many pictures to take!

3 thoughts on “Random photo day, or, I found my camera cables!

  1. Cindy on

    This house is so big and the views are awesome! What a great find for you. Also, I don’t think my kids have ever had a bedroom so big.

    I smiled at the raccoon. Did you know that actually Travis is the one that got Kaje’ into loving raccoons? He has a window sticker on his car that says “I’d rather be a raccoon.” Can you imagine how embarrassing that is to drive around when people comment on it?!! Oh well, that’s my Trav. I snuck a stuffed raccoon (a little Ty one) into his suitcase when he left for the MTC with a note to hug it every day bz I’d loaded it with two years of hugs! He writes me all the time and reminds me to hug my ‘coon bz I have one just like it that he loaded up with two years of hugs for me before he left. We’re silly I know but it’s been fun and brings us together all the time. My ‘coon sits on top of my computer monitor and is about bald from hugging him, lol!

    I like the built in bookcase under your stairs too. I hope the rest of the house has that good of storage for you.

    Oh and about the girls, yes, Savannah has been to an allergist and got a list of sensitivities but no true allergies. The biggest problem she runs into is every doctor seems to tell her to do something different. She’s really at her wits end but I think she’d love to see that list you have for extra ideas. I hope Bailee doesn’t get as bad as Savannah and we’re all praying that the new baby doesn’t suffer from it at all.

    Thanks for commenting on my pillowcases. Can you believe it took me 30+ years to finish them? I’m determined to use up stash and finish projects while Trav’s gone. So far it’s been working and I’ve been sticking to it. How’s the etsy coming? Mine hasn’t been opened yet at all as I find I just don’t have enough time to put into sewing things for it right now. I tend the girls too much and have other “mom/grammy-type” things to do and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  2. ana zackrison on

    Your new home looks wonderful!! It’s nice to think of you all there.

  3. Brandy on

    The girls’ room is so big and wonderful! I’m excited to see it in real life 🙂

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