At this moment, morning edition

It’s 7:22.  It’s surprisingly sunny outside, and my house isn’t freezing.

The girls are awake, but aren’t getting up until 7:30. This is my new attempt to get Z to stay in her bed at night – if she gets up after bed time for a reason other than the bathroom, she has to stay in bed later in the morning to make up for the sleep she missed. Did she miss a 1/2 hr of sleep? Don’t go getting technical on me. Both girls were up at 7, but have been pretty pleasantly reading books.

I had the weirdest night of dreams ever. A Twin Peaks themed restaurant in Santa Cruz, driving through San Francisco with Bob Schreck, staying in a friends house and discovering Tiny awake with her kids at 3 in the morning, a Kenya themed musical, people on stilts, it was all a bit much.  Tiny also had dramatic dreams, she was crying at 3 in the morning (in reality) that she wanted to sing the Happy Birthday song. Her dreams are apparently a bit more mundane. Or maybe not, who knows? Maybe she wanted to sing to someone on stilts.

We have preschool here today. We’re talking about the letter S. We’ll be screaming, shaking, slithering, singing. I made fabric snakes for them to draw on with fabric marker and then stuff with rice, and then we’ll sew them up and they can take them home. Don’t you wish you were coming?

I need to go downstairs and clean my living room. Z created a “sleeping party” down there yesterday, with pillows and blankets spread out for everyone.

This week is jam packed with play dates and activities. I’m not sure how that happened. Every week I swear that I’m going to keep things more open, and then they just fill right up. But we have a play date with new friends too, so that should be fun.

It’s 7:30 and the natives are restless. I’m going to go free them from their cushy, homemade quilt padded prison.

What’s going on with you at this moment?

One thought on “At this moment, morning edition

  1. Cindy on

    At this moment I’m thinking of my very cute little niece and her little family. I wish you lived closer! I remember making those play tents for sleepovers and just having a ball. I do miss having them little sometimes but I know I don’t have the energy to keep up with little ones anymore!

    Next week I get a glimpse of what empty nesting will be about as Kaje’ leaves for spring break. Is it bad to not want her to grow up and move on? I mean I do want her to grow up, but I don’t…you know what I mean? I don’t really see her much now between work and school and Jake but at least she’s here…you know what I mean? Oh well, my aunt told me it took her about two years to get used to empty nesting so maybe in two years I’ll be okay. Why do we have to get old?

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