at this moment

It’s overcast, yet not gloomy outside. Like it might decide to rain, or might just decide to stay moody.

Carole King’s Tapestry is playing. There’s nothing quite like this album for this kind of day. It always makes me think of my momma, who I’m assuming listened to it back in the day.  It fits with my vision of who she was back then. 🙂

Z just came over and asked if we could listen to some “fun music”. So much for Carole King. 🙂 Maybe she’ll appreciate her on rainy days when she’s in her 30’s with her own kids.

Speaking of Z, check out the lovely outfit she picked out for herself today:

Those are legwarmers over tights, because her legs were cold when she went out on the porch.  Luckily we’re not going anywhere today. 🙂

The phone just rang and my friend who is bringing her kids over to play informed me that she is also bringing “chicken salad, homemade bread and fruit salad” for lunch. Are you jealous? You should be.

Tiny just walked past with a comb, apparently she feels her hair needs some attention:

And when she saw this picture just now, she said, “Tiny, punny!” (That means funny in Tiny-speak.)

Both of the girls are under the weather today, but it appears that Tiny may be past the “screaming at the top of her lungs at any provocation, including and especially Momma taking even the smallest step away from her” stage. Thank goodness for that.

And speaking of Tiny, I finally found her tennis shoes today after a period of about a week and a half of them being lost. They were at the end of my bed, under the overhang of the comforter.

I’m loving all of the lovely fabric that’s slated for a yummy blanket just for me. Do you want to see it? I know you do:

Thanks to a tip from a friend, I found a Beverly’s fabric store, and halloo- hallay, they carry the entire line of reproduction 1930’s fabric that I LOVE. I had to restrain myself and only bought a little bit, but I could have spent SOOOO much money.

I’m reading The Mindful Child by Susan K. Greenland, and so far it is excellent. It’s all about how to teach children mindfulness-  being able to calm themselves, be aware of their breath, and the things happening around them and inside them.  Z has really embraced the breathing practices and affirmations we’ve been doing, and it will be fun to try some new ideas. The book is full of games and songs and things that are specifically geared toward kids, so that makes it really nice – far less adapting to do!

What’s going on with you at this moment?

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