At this moment

Z is playing swim lessons with her dolly. She just informed her dolly that they’ll be going to Starbucks. Lucky ducks. 🙂

Tiny is sitting at the table playing with a “momma” and “baby” Pooh bear. Any toy that she has two of become a momma and baby. And not just a baby, a “baby, awwwww”. It’s pretty dang cute.

I’m moving a boatload of pictures off of my camera. I try to do it daily, but apparently I haven’t moved anything for almost 2 weeks. So I’m revisiting pictures from a lovely wedding,

(Doesn’t she look so gorgeous, and so in love?)

(And isn’t this a beautiful old church?)

a trip to the museum,

(I COVET this piece. Yes, I’m aware that’s a deadly sin. Still.)

(sewn and embroidered silk. Gorgeous.)

the girls being crazy,

(Because if there is a bucket, Tiny will put it on her head.)

(Pretending to sleep.)

and finally, the gorgeousness we saw on our adventure at the nature preserve today.

Now Z is alternating singing “A Spoonful of Sugar” at varying speeds and practicing reciting her scripture that she’ll share in Primary in a couple of weeks. “And by the power of the Holy Ghost, ye may know the truth of all things. Moroni 10:5.” Over and over and over.

She and Tiny have moved on to playing with the dollhouse, and are displaying their growing skill to play well with each other. That skill comes and goes.

It’s almost time for their rests, and for me to torture myself. I’m back to doing Jillian Michaels every day- a group of like minded crazies and I are doing it together. Well, not together, but we’re all doing it and reporting in each day. I’ve been throwing in some yoga afterwards, because I like it, and because I have a new goal; I want to be able to do this:

No, not the playing in the sand, that I can do. The crazy body over your head handstand. Isn’t it the coolest thing you’ve ever seen? I saw this picture and was completely captivated. I really can’t express how much I want to be able to do that. So I’ll workout and work on my flexibility, and hopefully some day it will happen. Not in a bikini though.

In the meantime? My calves are KILLING me.

What’s going on with you at this moment?

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  1. Bruce on

    well, I think it’s admirable that you are trying to stick to it for 30 days

  2. Thanks for the posting the picture, babe; I sure felt pretty and loved 🙂

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