Things going on here today

I’m working on a patchwork picnic blanket.  If I like how it turns out, I’m going to finally make myself a blanket with my favorite fabrics and fuzzy warmness on the back. I’m thinking of using a t-shirt material sheet for the backing. I want something sturdier for the picnic blanket back, so we’ll see.

The puff balls are back! Woo hoo! Swimming lesson got a little hard for Z today- she’s learning how to use her arms while swimming, and it’s the first time she’s really had to work at swimming. It’s good for her to have to put some effort into it. In other swim related news, even though I coat her with sunscreen, she’s getting SO tan. Takes after her Auntie.  (Not that Auntie, the other one.)

Tiny actually started enjoying her swim lesson today. She got to swim off of the step on her own (basically throwing herself forward into the water from standing), and she LOVED it. She’s a little daredevil, that one.

Z has been enjoying trying to follow along with my yoga DVDs, so I decided to get her one of her own.  (Gaiam Kids: Yogakids Fun Collection)  She’s done it for 3 days, and this is what she busted out with today. She completely surprised herself, and me!  I really highly recommend these videos, they’re 40 minutes long, and seem like 5. Kids model the poses, so they’re far from perfect while being completely kid appropriate, and each “pose” (a lot of them are movements) is only about 45 seconds.  Seriously, Z LOVES them. She asks to do them. And Tiny likes them too,  and tries to do the easier poses.I do them with her, though I don’t count them as my workout.  🙂

What’s going on with you today?

2 thoughts on “Things going on here today

  1. Cindy on

    I knew you WEREN’T speaking of me in the tanning dept. bz I just burn, Larry does too.

    We have a picnic quilt that the families of the Stake Presidency made for us. They had a FHE where we all got together and tied it (Gpa Smith was in the presidency). It has a twill back and we still use it after 28 years of marriage! I can’t believe how well it’s held up. There are a ton of memories in that quilt and you see it in all of our camping, swimming, picnic, trips, etc. pictures.

    Love the yoga pose from Z too! She’s growing like a weed.

    I’m excited to see your quilt when it’s done. I really like them scrappy best, maybe bz it hides my sewing skills or lack of, lol!

  2. Becky on

    Ok – I LOVE the patchwork picnic blanket. I want to make one. Help me. I basically like to just copy anything creative you do that seems within my realm of creative ability. But still – help me.

    Love the pic of Z doing yoga. Are there any of you?

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