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Tiny is running around the house yelling “Yee-ha!”. Apparently she is channeling her inner cowgirl.  Ride ’em if you’ve got ’em, I suppose.

Z is sitting in a blue wagon on the porch,  “driving”.

I’m waiting for my sourdough toast to pop up. I forget how much I love sourdough for half a year at a time and then I remember and it’s all I eat for a month, and then I forget again.

It’s a lovely, if slightly cold, day today. We’re going to the park for playgroup in an hour and a half- it should be fun. I love that there are so many moms in the ward to hang out with, and that there are so many that I 1) really genuinely like, and 2) enjoy hanging out with. (Those aren’t always the same, you know.)  I’m glad that the girls have so many little friends. I’m also glad that we don’t have swim lessons today and that it’s supposed to be warmer tomorrow. (And to answer my Auntie’s question from the last post, Tiny is almost 2. Z started swimming at the same age, and it really is a great age to get them going with it. They’re too little to be afraid (mad is a different story), and the movement comes pretty naturally.)

I’m listening to Le Carnaval des Animaux by Saint-Saens for the first time. It’s so lovely and fun. I can’t wait to listen to it with the girls and have them figure out which animal each piece is about.  It’s supposedly full of light-hearted swipes at other composers of the time- who I know nothing about so wouldn’t be able to pick out – but there’s a definite cheekiness to it that I’m enjoying.

I’m trying to convince Z that we really do need to comb her hair before we go to the park. She currently looks like some form of long-haired hobo.

I really need to make a list of the things I need to do. I can’t think of a lot of things, but I have the feeling there’s a bunch.

I have about 10 crafting projects I’m currently in the middle of, but I really want to put them all aside and make a huge patchwork blanket with all the fabric in my fabric bin. A huge picnic blanket, perhaps. I’m kind of obsessing over it.  I may have to just do it so I’ll stop thinking about it. That would also make space for more fabric, which is a win all around. I really want one of those fabric strip cutters, that would make my life so much easier. But it would also mean one more gadget to clog up my craft space, which isn’t a win. I have a lot of gadgets.

Z just came over and is enjoying Fossiles. The other day we determined that she prefers calm piano music, likes orchestra pieces in minor keys, is indifferent to John Phillip Souza marches (which, on the other hand, Tiny loves passionately), doesn’t care for Bob Marley (with all apologies to her Uncle Paul- if it’s any consolation, she does enjoy some Ziggy), and actively dislikes zydeco.

I’m tired. I don’t think I’m getting enough sleep.

I’m also tired of all the screaming going on in my house. Tiny’s new response to everything is to scream at it.

I found a gorgeous new blog to follow, you might enjoy it too.

Every time I read blogs like that, and I read quite a few of them, (cozy little homes filled with handmade goodness, tons of trees, homeschooled kids running around making dolls out of plants), I start wishing we lived somewhere like that. And then I remember that would require us to live far from my sister (akin to death) and that we live in a pretty awesome area with tons of things to do and lots of nature within walking distance. And my girls aren’t quite old enough to make flower dolls anyway.

Time to rally the troops (who are playing with cars on the huge map rug) and head to the park.

What’s going on with you at this moment?

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  1. Cindy on

    Wow! When my kids were little they wouldn’t teach them to swim until they were 5! It truly was a fight to try and get them into classes with only the one pool in town. I still regret that none of them can swim. I’ll have to have Brianna check into it bz Savannah is almost 2. You really need to check out this link. She’s LDS and she was severely burned in a plane crash. Her husband was burned also but nothing like she was. Her faith is amazing. Go back a way and read about how she crossed the veil and was given a chance to stay on earth knowing that it would be very hard and painful or she could come back. She chose to live and raise her four young children. She truly is inspiring.

    When/if you come this summer gma will have to show you how to make dolls out of the flowers in her backyard! Brianna thought it was soo cool when she showed her. I can’t remember what the flowers are called but they’re by her fence.

    Sigh….wish I had time to sew. Gma has an applique quilt that she bought two identical ones of 40+ or maybe closer to 50 years ago. One was to be for your mom and one for Myrlene. She never did put them together. We’ll have to ask her to see it! She showed it to me one day a few years ago when I started to quilt. It could be a pretty quilt if it ever got put together 🙂


  2. becky on

    I sure wish I had some sourdough bread right at this moment.

    We are soaking in the sun in Fresno. Sorry we didn’t hook up in the BArea last weekend…I hope we see you in July.
    Pioneer day is a great time for inner cowgirls!

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