It’s that time of the year again! The girls had their first swim lessons of the year today, in their matching swimsuits:

Z’s hair took some finagling to keep it out of her face, especially as I couldn’t find the right pony holders this morning for puffballs:

Hey, it worked. Seriously, her hair is like 15 miles long.

Tiny ended up going first, which wasn’t the original plan, but she was so excited when we got to the pool that we decided to embrace it and have her go. Man, did that excitement end quickly. 🙂

But by the end of the lesson (only about 5 minutes in, really) she’d stopped screaming and surrendered to the authority of Miss Brittany.

Z was next, and remembered everything she ever knew about swimming within seconds of being back in the pool. She’s going to make amazing progress this year, she has so much innate talent. It’s really awesome to watch.

I have a video of her swimming too, but I have no idea how to post it, so it will have to wait until B helps me. And probably adds music to it. 🙂

2 thoughts on “SWIM LESSONS!

  1. Cindy on

    How old is Tiny now anyway? She’s seems too little to be taking swim lessons. Savannah will be 2 next month and I thought she was about that age. Good for you on giving them lessons. I failed my kids on this. Something always seemed to come up or get in the way when the offered classes. Of course classes were only June through August so you had to be really on top of it to get your kids in class. My kids can dog paddle but none of them can really swim. I love the water and I don’t know how to swim either but I’d love to! Larry on the other hand doesn’t like the water at all. He’d just as soon not be near it, lol! Do you ever wonder how we ever got together and got married, lol?! Sometimes I do!

  2. Looks like fun. My kids still can not quite get the swimming thing. I am not sure why. Peach said she saw you at a wedding this weekend. I just wanted to write and say HELLO i hope you are doing well. meg

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