Mission accomplished

This week I:

managed to get Tiny to stay in Nursery for an hour and 45 minutes, with only 3 crying jags. (And yes, I was in there the whole time.)  This is a huge improvement from the previous week when she screamed and cried for an hour in there. (And yes, I was in there the whole time then too.)

taught preschool. We learned about bridges and the 3 Billy Goats Gruff. We skimmed over the part where the biggest billy goat kicks the troll into next week.

went grocery shopping.

got the carpet cleaned. Woo hoo! Seriously, is there anything as great as a freshly cleaned carpet? Other than new sheets?

got a new area rug for the living room, and a new one for under the dining room table.

finished Horns by Joe Hill, and stayed up WAY too late to do so. I’ll write more about it in my end of the month book roundup.

gave Z her very first haircut. I know, I know, she’s 3 1/2, she really should have had one by now. So I used my newly learned skills (thanks Enrichment!) and gave her a trim. I only cut off a tiny bit, but it looks much healthier now.  It took mucho bribery, but she learned that it doesn’t hurt and isn’t a big deal, so hopefully next time will be easier.

got supplies and a gazillion prima flowers to make Brandy’s guest book. Seriously, so many flowers. As I told her in an e-mail- “You know town? I’m going to it.”  But if you’re having a spring/flower themed wedding, that’s what you get! 🙂

practiced for the upcoming ward talent show. 3 of my insane friends and I are doing a “history of girl groups” lipsync….It’s possible that we’ve all lost our minds.  All I know is that I get to be Diana Ross, Susanna Hoffs, and Beyonce. Hopefully the result will be amusing.  (You know, purposefully amusing, not inadvertently so.)

read this month’s Vanity Fair. It was pretty good.

realized that 95% of my conversations with one of my friends start with one or the other of us saying  the phrase “I have a crazy idea”.  I will not comment on the ramifications of this.

got the girls new shoes.  They’d both outgrown theirs. Both new pairs are quite shiny.

discovered that Z wants a dinosaur theme for her birthday party. In 6 months. Yes, we start planning this early. We take parties very seriously ’round these parts. Ok, not really. 🙂

almost talked my daddy into getting a bright red rug for my parent’s living room. Lucky for him (and probably me too) he decided against it. (My momma hates red. But it would have looked SO good!)

I know there’s more but can’t remember. What have you gotten done this week?

4 thoughts on “Mission accomplished

  1. well, to be fair to Tiny, when I had her in nursery she was doing just fine until some heathen child tried to smash her

  2. Wow, you certainly do a lot! You’re braver than me on cutting hair. I trimmed bangs here and there but never was any good at cutting hair. I wish I could see the talent show. I’m not good at things like that but I admire those who are!

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