Well hello, peoples

It was pointed out to me this evening that I haven’t posted in a while. And it always slightly disappoints me when I go to my regularly scheduled blogs and there’s no new post, so…..

B was gone to Ireland for a week and a half, 8 days, somewhere in there. He’s back now, which is lovely. I missed him. The girls missed him. We enjoyed the fact that we live in the future and have the equivalent of video phones, except without the accidentally answering it with your hair in curlers. Wasn’t that always the fear about video phones? And it was before answering machines, so the idea that you could JUST NOT ANSWER THE PHONE wasn’t a possibility? Wow I’m kind of rambly tonight.

While he was gone I:

watched a lot of movies set in the 1920s (including but not limited to: Being Julia, Gosford Park, and The Cat’s Meow),

worked on some projects which I will not detail here as they are intended for a couple readers of this blog,

hosted both an Oscar party and a jewelry party (both great fun),

skipped on over to Santa Cruz where we visited beloved friends, bought wonderful things (including a pair of foxy boots that make me look like a space pirate- seriously, just add a jaunty cap and I could be piloting a dirigible), and went to the beach. The girls LOVED it. We need to do it more often.

did NOT finish Positive Discipline for Preschoolers, which I feel like I’ve been reading for YEARS now,

went to bed early a bunch of nights. It’s tiring doing this mom thing on my own!

But now he’s back- hooray! And just in time for my birthday, an occasion on which I was thoroughly and gorgeously spoiled. I received not only awesome rag doll Alice in Wonderland toys, but also a new Haunted Kindle! which I’ve decided should actually be officially named The Haunted Kindle. The original haunted Kindle (lower case h) still works fine, but is a little “janky” as B puts it, and has it’s personality quirks. It will have a loving new home (not on a lovely farm with lots of room for it to run…) and I will enjoy the razor quickness, longer battery life, and overall slickness of The Magic Haunted Kindle of Doom, complete with swanky pink case.  All the books are moved over, and I will continue trudging through Positive Discipline for Preschoolers.

In other birthday news, this post really rings true for me.

And speaking of posts that ring true, this one is amazing. (The comments are amazing too.)   I’ve been thinking a lot recently (inspired by lessons and things, not life tragedies) about how so many things that happen in life happen because we’re living in an imperfect world and sometimes that just sucks, and that most of the time the horrible things that happen are NOT God’s will, but that if we turn them over to Him, He will sanctify them for our good and make them part of a positive process for us.  And that’s so much better than holding on to bitterness and anger over them, because there is no positive process there.  Anyway.

And speaking of thinking about things, I’ve been thinking lately about how we don’t receive more knowledge until we do something with the knowledge that’s already being offered to us. And how sometimes (many times?) our definitions and assumptions of how things work get in the way of our seeing the way they really do work. I’ll write more about this later, I think.

And with no sneaky segue,  can I just sa that daylight savings time is killing me? I just thought I’d mention it. I will not mention how my children are doing with it for about another week or so. Or maybe never. Don’t want to jinx/mess up anything. Let’s just say there’s a yin/yang element to it.

My cousin just had a baby girl who is currently in the NICU (I think), please extend prayers on her behalf (the baby and the mama. And the daddy. And the grandparents and uncles and aunts for good measure. And the little sister of the baby).

I think that’s it for now. I’m tired and going to bed.


Oh goodness. I was about to go to bed when all drama erupted. Let’s just say that if you’ve told a little girl that she isn’t supposed to get out of bed, but that if she needs to pee in the night that she can call you and you’ll come get her, you need to have a contingency plan for what happens if you don’t hear her.  And I will pass along the wisdom of said same little girl, “When you have all your crys in you, it feels all frusterating. But when you get all your crys out, it feels happy!”. Do with that what you will. Just keep in mind that getting all said crys out can take upwards of 15 minutes.


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  1. ana zackrison on

    Ireland? I am so jealous!! I hope he had a great time and I’m glad to hear you and the girls survived. I feel the same way about daylight savings. I feel like I have been missing that hour every day this week…but I did remember that it does mean the start of long evenings at the park. We miss you guys. Come to Boston 🙂

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