Last night we went on an adventure, leaving the girls at home with Grandma and going to San Francisco to see Wicked.  And in true Wicked style, our whole experience was swankified.

We stayed at the Marriot at Union Square, which is GORGEOUS. We got to the hotel and checked in- dropped off our luggage to be taken upstairs and rushed off to our dinner reservations at Mortons. AMAZING food. The restaurant itself is gorgeous, the waitstaff super swanky (the Maitre’ d switched our white napkins for black so they wouldn’t get fuzz on our black clothes), and like I said, amazing food. Super super tender steak, even the green beans were amazing.

We went back to our hotel to catch a cab to the theater, and while the valet guy (what do you call him?) was about to call us a cab, the hotel car drove up, so he put us in it and sent us on to the theater, on the house.  Swanky, I tell you.

The show itself was so good. I’ve seen it before, but that just made it all better, as I knew what to watch for this time as far as the dancing and such went. Kendra Kassebaum, who plays Galinda, is a total and utter hoot, and she killed again last night. I cannot figure out how she manages to laugh while singing, it seems impossible. But my goodness, she’s funny. She looks like Amy Poehler to me, and so that makes it even more entertaining. 🙂   This is my favorite moment from the whole show– her “Yes, I do” after the slap- it’s so perfect.    (The Elpheba in these videos isn’t the one from the production we saw.)

The costumes are insanely gorgeous (Jess, if you haven’t seen them, you have to check them out, I’ll see if I can find a link) and so was everything else. It really was super good. And I totally got all teary, missing being on stage. It happens every time I see a show- I just want to be up there too.

After the show was over we went out with everyone else to find a complete – and somewhat baffling – lack of taxis.  As we were weighing our options, a man standing by a limo asked if we needed a cab. And, to paraphrase Ghostbusters, when a man with a limo asks if you need a cab, you say YES! So we hoped in the limo and got back to our hotel in fine style.

I actually got to sleep in this morning until 8, which is unheard of in these parts. (I woke up at 6, but ignored myself and went back to sleep.)  We had a lovely breakfast at a cute little cafe and crepery, and then headed home. The girls were in fine moods when we got back, well, they were until we got there; as soon as we stepped in the door Tiny started crying and wanted to be held and cuddled, but she’d been fine up to that point. Z had a wonderful time with her “grandma sleepover”, and apparently both of the girls had slept in until past 7, which they haven’t done for me for months.

So that was our adventure. Swanky, yes?

4 thoughts on “Wicked!

  1. Swanky, Yes!
    That sounds like such a wonderful and romantic date. It’s so wonderful that your mom could watch your girls. Seriously, that’s an amazing blessing. Don’t take it for granted!!! 🙂
    I haven’t seen Wicked but now I really want to. I think I should probably read the book first. It’s on the list…
    I’m so glad you had a great time.

  2. What a wonderful adventure! We never seemed to get away but I think it would have helped if we had.

  3. SUPER swanky, sounds so fun. We went last year at this time, and I cried I loved it so much.
    I HAVE to get back up there for a broadway play, love them!

  4. The sad thing about getting my own room for a sewing sanctuary is that I had to give up a kid to get it……sigh….I miss that boy. At least I get to see him/hug him again in 21-1/2 months (not that I’m counting). Only 3 more months until I can hear his voice!

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