Of good report

Things making me happy today:

My friend Hilary said some extraordinarily nice things about my blog on her blog today. So nice, in fact, that it made me tear up a little. It’s an amazing thought that other people might actually see me the way I really want to be. (Or maybe I just do a good job of presenting the self I want to be on my blog…..let’s just assume I  actually am this cool, ok? 🙂 )  I always find her blog funny and informative (her posts about saving at the grocery store seriously hurt my brain- I don’t know how she finds the time to figure out all the deals, and she’s a nurse and has been posting recently about common medical situations moms could find themselves in, which is REALLY helpful)  and you should check it out.

B gets home today after having been gone for a week in Vegas. We CAN NOT wait for him to be home. It hasn’t been a bad week, just a little emptier without him around.  He got to do a ride along in a stock race car that got up to 174 mph, so hopefully being back at home isn’t too slow paced for him. 🙂

Tiny keeps climbing up on Z’s trike, and is tickled to death about it.


Banana Runts. The lady at the grocery store gave Z a little bag of runts, and Z isn’t crazy about them because they’re so hard to chew. So guess who is stealing the bananas?

Z is on a writing binge. Her letters are getting better and better, check it out:

100_4848We went and dropped off a birthday present for one of her friends today and she wrote his name and her name on a card for him, it was pretty awesome. Go Super Z!

It’s time to go pick up B from the airport- what’s making you happy today?

One thought on “Of good report

  1. OH man, a whole week without husabnd is pure torture.
    I just entertained my kids for an entire 1/2 hour with bubble wrap.
    Thank you new blinds.

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