Our adventure (warning, this post contains weirdness)

Today we left our home bright and early to head out on our adventure day to the Coyote Point Museum. This is an environmentally themed museum that also houses animals that have been saved that are un-releasable to the wild. It was really fun, and the kids had a great time.

Zoe especially enjoyed the magnets:

100_4881and the wind towers:


I was highly, though probably inappropriately, entertained by the seemingly non-age appropriate and disturbing imagery throughout the museum, which luckily went right over our little kiddos heads:


This is an exhibit in the grasslands area that consists of a bunch of stuffed animals (as in, fabric versions, not actual animals) piled around and up this cone.  Here’s a close up:


At the top is a hawk with a snake in its mouth.

When I first saw it, I thought it was symbolizing life in the grasslands; tons of animals, just in a vertical, rather than horizontal view.

But no. Oh no.

It’s a tower of death.


It’s meant to show, in graphic form, exactly how many animals the aforementioned hawk eats in some period of time. Probably a year? I didn’t actually read it, and was too busy trying to distract Z from other disturbing images, like this one:


As my friend Valerie commented, that rabbit is just a little too Watership Down for me. Did they have to make it alive and terrified? Really?

And then there was this.  We just stood there, stunned by its sheer brilliance:


Want to see it closer? I know you do.


We are what we eat, but apparently we are also either Siamese twins, or harboring some Jekyll and Hyde type dual personality fueled respectively by virtuous vegetables and that devil, sugar.

I was also highly entertained by the old school phrasing of this sign:


None of the kids even noticed these things, however, and they all enjoyed themselves thoroughly. We really had a fantastic time, and I wish it was closer so we could go back more often, despite the crazy tower of death. 🙂

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  1. Well, maybe we should teach our kids to vibrate quickly so no one treads on them, nor molests them.
    Just an idea. 😉

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