Things I wonder about

Why is it that while the girls have been sleeping better this last week than they have ever collectively slept in their lives (sleeping in until 7:45! Amazing!) I am possibly the most tired I have ever been?

Why is it that my favorite Sees candy is always the one that looks the least appealing to me? Seriously, every time I pick out every other candy first, and then I get to that one and go, “YES! This is the one I’ve been waiting for!”. (And no, it’s not just because it’s the last one, it’s the same candy each time.)

Will Tiny ever stop empathetically crying with ANY baby or child within the range of her hearing who is even thinking about crying?

Which family member in my ancestral past started the whole crying hysterically when people leave thing? It has to have been passed down through the ages — as Z’s preschool friends left today I had flashbacks of driving away from my grandparents house and my sister sobbing her heart out, just like Z was doing.  So sad.

What am I forgetting from my grocery list?

Why do I get all sluggish about reading a book if it’s for book club? Someone should do a study on that — not just on me, but on the phenomenon as a whole — most everyone I know has a hard time reading books for book club, even if they really really want to read the book.

How did I get so blessed as to have a friend who will bake a pecan pie for the aforementioned book club?

Is it going to rain?

Why do they keep cutting all of the people I like from SYTYCD, and why do they bother showing them to me in the first place if they’re just going to get rid of them?

How long should I keep rewarding Z for pooping on the potty?

How long is Tiny going to nap for today?

Did I just jinx myself by writing that? Did I just hear her?

What are you wondering about today?

3 thoughts on “Things I wonder about

  1. I say reward Zoe for going to the bathroom as long for long enough that she forgets she used to be quite content going in her underwear. Better to give her an m&m (or whatever) then have to start that whole loveliness again in my humble opinion. 🙂 Then again I eat three hershey kisses every evening as a reward for making it through my day…maybe I’m not the best person to comment…

  2. Cindy on

    I love the random thoughts on this blog. Sometimes our minds just seem to race and we have to get it all out! I usually forget the most important item that I need at the store when I do a grocery list and have to run back so that one made me laugh out loud!

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