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Both girls are napping right now, and since I didn’t think they’d actually sleep, I didn’t come up with something to do while they were out, and now I don’t have anything to do. I finished Delicate Edible Birds: And Other Stories by Lauren Groff, a collection of short stories that was quite good. I”m always left a little unsettled by collections of this kind, as I always expect there to be some kind of through-line, and when I don’t see it I feel like I’m missing something. But whatever, the stories were good, solid, evocative pieces.

We went swimming this morning with Ana and Jack, which was really fun. Z plays with Jack in a way she doesn’t really with other kids- I’m not quite sure why. But she is so full of joy and laughter when they play, I love it. I wish they were moving back here, not across the country.

This post really struck me today. I’m reading Suffering Is Optional: Three Keys to Freedom and Joy with Brandy, and today’s reading was about how different our lives can be when we stop taking things personally. I’ve been thinking lately about all of the people I know who are going through hardships right now, and I’m coming to the realization that the things we go through in life that are hard and painful and horrible (the things that cause people to doubt God or His existence, because “a loving God wouldn’t do this”) aren’t personal, they’re just life. They’re not punishments, or vendettas, they’re not the result of a neglectful God, they’re just experiences, just like any other experience. We label them bad, painful, hard, horrible, but they’re just experiences all the same. So we can either buckle down and scrub the floor, or crumple into a ball and quit. One of those choices will get us to where we want to be.


I got 3 new shirts at the Gap, all exactly the same style and size, just different colors. All 3 fit me differently. Bizarre. And frustrating. Also bizarre, they are all size small. REALLY???

I really need to get on the ball and figure out what we’re doing for preschool this year. When am I going to find the time to do that? Why did I not plan to do it now, while the girls are sleeping?

I really want to know the ending of Dark Places by Gillian Flynn, but I really have no desire to actually read the book. And it’s not at my library yet, so I can’t just skim over the end. So if any of you read it, or know someone who reads it, will you let me know what happens in it? Thanks.

I have no other thoughts at the moment. I’m going to go find something to do for 1/2 hr until it’s time to wake up Zoe.

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  1. Thanks for sharing that cjane post…helps put some of my own trials in perspective. You are right, of course; our trials are just a part of our life, part of what makes this experience rich and varied and important.

    And rock on with the smalls, babe!

  2. a. How did I not know that you have a blog?
    b. Where is Ana moving? I miss her
    c. When I did preschool with S we kept it SO low-key, it was almost ludicrous. We all had other kids that kept us plenty busy but we just did an ABC theme. I assigned out the letters and away we went. He loved it though, and we don’t do a preschool that we pay for until pre-K, and I don’t think we’d even do that except that in SC you start K full time, and it just seems like a HUGE transition…
    {but I digress}

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