Yet another, At this moment

Zoe and Tiny are playing happily in their room. Without me. Without Z screaming that Tiny is “doing something dangerous!” when she really means that she’s playing with a toy that Z walked away from 10 minutes before. This is wonderful.

We are waiting for Ana and Jack to get here. We have been waiting excitedly all day. Zoe has sung at least 5 different songs about it since she woke up. Ana is one of my best friends, Jack is one of Z’s best friends, and it broke our hearts when they moved to San Diego last year. Now they’re moving to Boston, so they came up to see us before they move next week. Hooray! (For the visiting, not for the moving.)

I’m trying to concoct a plan to get more scrapbooking finished. I finally finished the Disneyland book that I’ve been working on since our trip in …. January? Both Zoe and Audrey’s books are so far behind, I need to find a way to just blow through the pages that need to get done. … I have no plan.

I have super cute pictures on my camera card that will not move over to my computer. This would be making me somewhat crazy if I were paying more attention to it than I currently am.

I’m totally inspired by this woman’s projects. Super cute.

Z just came out and wants to play “soccer ball”. I suppose I should go play.

What’s going on with you, at this moment?

One thought on “Yet another, At this moment

  1. I am so needing to get back onto the scrapbooking bandwagon. I think I’ll be able to when school starts.
    Or I will be making bread.
    Either way, I will make it to the celestial kingdom, I am sure of it.

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