Of good report

Things making me happy today:

This interchange with Zoe:
Me: The missionaries are coming to dinner tonight.
Z: What are the missionaries?
M: Missionaries go to people’s houses and teach them about Jesus.
Z: Hey, I KNOW Jesus!

There is a model named Chanel Iman. Not really sure why this delights me as much as it does, but, it does. And she’s cute.

Better off Ted. This show is seriously a hoot. I wish I could find the clip where she steals a baby, or the later segment where, referencing the earlier scene, she explains that apparently writing your name on a baby with Sharpie doesn’t make it yours, but it’s not up on YouTube. Or the scene from the episode where they install new motion detectors that register the light reflecting off your skin and therefore don’t register African Americans, so they have to hire white people to follow around all the black employees (to make the motion detectors work), but then because of hiring quotas they have to hire another black person for every white person and therefore another white person to follow that black person- and it’s finally resolved by showing the Board that within a short time everyone in the world would be working for them, and “we just don’t have the parking spaces for that.”

A gorgeous tango, and an amusing mambo. Lacey (the first solo in the mambo) really kills it for only having about 2 hours to prepare, as she filled in for injured Melissa. The mambo is highly Beyonce referenced, and while it’s not as well danced as the tango, it’s pretty fun.

And in other happy making Dancing with the Stars news, stupid Chuck Wicks went home, which thrills me to no end. It means no more Julianne, but she hasn’t been dancing as well this season as she has in the past.

Tiny can wave, and does so at every opportunity. And she almost just fell over from the sitting position, but saved it in a pilates inspired move. She’s getting bigger!

Someone referred to the swine flu today as being a sign of the aporkalypse. Hee.

What’s making you happy today?

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  1. bruce on

    haha, I like that one.

    My 2 current favorites are “Hog Fever” and “Porky’s Revenge”

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