Projects of the day

These were my projects for the day.

First, I made a curtain for Tiny’s crib. She has a bumper, but when she pushes herself up into crawling position, she can see over the bumper and gets all distracted and doesn’t sleep. So, in lieu of the blankets that I had clothespinned around her crib, I made this today:


It’s the star fabric from the previous post, and there are panels on the three sides that face out. I think it turned out pretty cute, we’ll see if it works. 🙂

In the process of moving the crib into Z’s room, we had to move out the futon, which took the place of the broken couch in the living room. It’s much deeper than the couch, and Z keeps kind of falling back into the depths of it. So I made these today to make the whole thing more comfortable. If you recognize the fabric it’s because it is what was going to be a blanket for me- I repurposed the squares I’d already made and turned them into pillows.


There are 5 of them, which I’m sure is excessive. So just for B, because I know this is what he will think of, and me posting it here will save him the trouble of having to find it, I give you the greatest rant ever expressed about couch cushions. Enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Projects of the day

  1. ahhh…i’ve just spent a very frustrating 15 minutes trying to find MY favorite useless pillows rant, which is from that horrible “One of the Reasons I Don’t Watch Ben Stiller Movies” movie, Along Came Polly. Well, trust me, it’s on point 🙂

  2. bruce on

    Maryanne was spot on. I came in the house, saw her handywork and said, “ah…cushions”

  3. I just stumbled onto your blog and had to say that I LOVE those beautiful pillows. What a talent you have!

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