Stake Play

You may remember me mentioning how I was helping with the play the youth of my church were doing? Well, there’s some video up, so you’re welcome to take a look. Only one of the dances I choreographed is up right now, and the film work is a little… interesting…. but here it is. The concept (which, in all honesty, I’m not sure comes through) is two shy homebodies who dance in their neighboring apartments at night, and then go out to dance and meet each other. Awww, cute. Cameron and Glenn did a great job, especially for Glenn claiming she’s no dancer.

They Dance

I’ll put a link to the other when it’s available. In it’s place, here’s my awesome Gretchen (in the red shirt and black skirt) doing an insane swing number that injured two dancers (not in this performance.) Seriously, I’m so impressed with her, she really doesn’t consider herself a dancer, and she worked so hard on this and totally kicked everyone else’s booty. She even almost got dropped on her head at the end.
Sing sing sing

And this one is for Liz- this is the one that will make you cry. Seriously, so beautiful.


5 thoughts on “Stake Play

  1. Cousin Kim on

    Those were so fun! Thanks for posting. You did a great job…everyone did a great job.

  2. Ana on

    Thank you for posting those. I loved seeing Gretchen dance!! It made me miss all the girls so much. I wish I had caught glimpses of more of them. Who was doing the video? They got some awesome footage from lots of different angles. Super fancy for a stake play!

  3. Becky S. on

    Wow! Very impressive and the youth look like they had so much fun! I watched a bit more of the numbers and it really looks like they spent a lot of time on this! Great job!

  4. Trina on

    That’s really impressive filming for a stake play. Although I prefer when they just show the whole stage so that you don’t miss anything.
    I didn’t know you could choreograph! That’s great!

  5. Hilary on

    Those were great! And the Lullaby one made me cry too!

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