The best thing ever

Back when I lived in Santa Cruz, there was a girl who really wouldn’t say a bad thing about anybody. And if she was around people who were talking badly about someone, she would just jump in with something positive about the person. Not in a judgy or condescending way or anything, just kind of try to shift the conversation- change the perspective. The most memorable of these was an instance where she shared, “but she makes good bread!” So random and so insightful (you have to actually know a person to know their bread making skills). My friends and I would pull that out at times when we found ourselves being a bit too catty, and it always made us chuckle. (Good naturedly of course.)

So, fast forward to probably about a year ago. I shared that story with the class of young women I was teaching at church, and suggested that if they find themselves surrounded by people talking badly about someone, that they say “well, she makes good bread” …. or, you know, something more applicable, because, chances are, their friends aren’t really the bread making types.

Fast forward again, to today. During the opening of our class we have a moment where the girls can share a “missionary moment”- some experience where they were a good example or shared the gospel. One of my girls got up and shared that a couple of days ago, all of her friends were gossiping about someone, and so what did she do? She said, quite literally, “But she makes good bread”. !!!!!!!!!!! Then, to make it even better, a day or so after that, one of her friends (who had been there with her) told her that she had been in a similar situation, and, taking the cue from this girl, had also said, “But she makes good bread.”

I seriously almost died, people. I honestly can not tell you how insanely happy it makes me to 1) know that this girl was listening and remembered what I said when faced with the situation, and 2) there are at least 2 15 year old girls running around randomly saying that people make good bread. How awesome (and probably confusing) is that? LOVE IT. LOVE IT.

Do you make good bread?

5 thoughts on “The best thing ever

  1. Kim H. on

    Ooh, I need to remember that. I have fallen into the trap of not thinking about the bread skills of others. I’ll be trying this suggestion soon…I’ll probably have several opportunities today, in fact.

  2. Hilary on

    Awesome! I still use that saying thanks to you guys. 🙂 Who was it that gave you the idea (only if you want to share of course). 🙂 Love you and miss you.

  3. Cindy on

    I set off the smoke alarm so I don’t make such good bread but I know people who do! How’s that for a bit off subject? I love this phrase though and the idea behind it. You’re too dang cute!

  4. omg, i totally still say that 🙂 too funny!

    and what an awesome positive lesson for your girls…

  5. That is such a great story, Maryanne! Isn’t it nice to know that all your efforts really do have an impact on them?

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