Jesus the Christ Chapter 39

I don’t have much to say about this chapter, and what I do have to say is kind of tangled around in my mind, so bear with me.

I’m struck by the people who were not killed during the upheavals after Christ’s death. Those who had stoned the prophets and otherwise been incredibly wicked were killed by fire, and others were killed by flood and earth falling on them. But the people that were left were not just the incredibly righteous- we’re told the people wailed in the darkness and bemoaned the fact that they had not repented before that day. This brings to mind two thoughts- first, that the Lord is always more lenient than I expect when it comes to “being good” or “being worthy”. Like Brandy has said on a couple of occasions, I realize more and more that God gives us every possible opportunity to do what’s right. Therefore, I have to think that many more than just those who already believed in Christ were spared. The other thought is that we’re all sinners. There’s no separation in the text between those who believed and were spared and those who didn’t and were spared- it’s entirely possible, and probable, that those who did believe were wailing right there along with those who didn’t. We’re all in a constant state of needing to repent, and something huge like 3 nights of darkness and the impending threat of death would probably really bring that home.

That’s all. Your thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Jesus the Christ Chapter 39

  1. Hilary on

    I love your thoughts Maryanne and really agree. It is so easy to categorize others (and ourselves!) when really we are all the same. I often feel this way about Laman & Lemuel. I think as a culture we often say or teach, “they were so wicked; they even saw an angel & still murmured”, etc, etc. That may be true, but I think we would be benefited by looking at them and seeing how we do that very same thing in our lives. I can only speak for myself, and I’ve never seen an angel, but how many times have I felt the love of the Lord wrap itself around me and been comforted and assured that He is there and is aware of me. And how many times have I behaved in a way totally contrary to that knowledge? More often than not, I’m afraid. So, I just love being reminded that repentance is real and it is not numbered and I think the Lord wants us to do it so badly. When I think about this I often think of the term the “good news” that gets used in Christianity because that is how it makes me feel. Repentance is good news. This is all a bit of tangent. Sorry for the babble, but thank you for the opportunity to think about these things.
    Oh, on a slightly unrelated note, Brandy & were talking the other day about how amazing you are at seeing people for who they really are and who they have the potential to become. And, perhaps most importantly, helping people see the greatness in them and who they can become. I think this is one of your many spiritual gifts. Love you!

  2. Maryanne on

    You totally just made me cry, Hil. Thanks, I love you too. 🙂

    I was thinking about repentance the other day, when Z did something for the billionth time and said she was sorry, and Bruce said, “Please just stop doing it.” It hit me– repentance isn’t about Heavenly Father being personally offended, or needing the apology, it’s all about Him wanting us to realize our wrong doing, turn from it, and progress closer toward Him. And you’re right, that is good news!

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