Of good report

This is awesome. So is this.

Zoe and her daddy are playing “monster”- he makes a big noise and she screams and laughs, and then climbs up on his back and rides around the house.

The Shy Creatures by the amazing David Mack, is utterly adorable. We saw him today at WonderCon, and he was charming as usual and signed the book for Z. We’ve already read it three times.

Also at WonderCon, Zoe got to meet the man who draws Mr. Toast, and was very excited. I think he was excited too. 🙂 She got her first ever sketch- at least that she asked for herself. And she got a Mr. Egg toy (his real name is Joe the Egg, but around here he’s Mr. Egg) to go with her Mr. Toast.

I got an adorable new bag from Gama Go. Love it!

We got to meet Debi Derryberry, voice of Jimmy Neutron, and more importantly in our house, singer of the ABC song on the radio in the car. She is lovely and her speaking voice is incredibly high.

I also got to see all my lovely Comic-Con friends, who I miss slacking off with on a daily basis. But walking around the show I was reminded how much I do not miss the madness that is the shows. I’d much rather experience them this way.

I think I get to see Brandy tomorrow! Brandy, are you still coming up, seeing as you’ve had the plague and all? 🙂

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  1. um…yes i am 🙂 sorry, i didn’t get this until right now…

    i loved seeing you darling 🙂

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