Of good report

Such lovely things all around today.

Valerie and Maia came over (and of course, Stella and Elise). Maia and Zoe had a great time playing, we had a nice lunch; Audrey, Stella and Elise watched each other and sent psychic messages all around (I’m sure), Valerie and I planned tea parties. It’s so nice to have one’s old best friend back in life and discover they’re just as wonderful as they ever were.

It’s highly likely Zoe will have a grand tea party for her birthday. You have been warned.

Driving home from stake play rehearsal the other night, the song Freedom by Wham! came on, and though I hadn’t heard it in years, and had a voice that was raw and scratchy from yelling toward a stage full of kids, I sang every single word at the top of my lungs and just felt immense joy.

Both Zoe and Audrey are currently napping. Words cannot express my contentment.

I came up with a new schedule for our days, which is a bit surprising, seeing as I’m not really a schedule person. But it’s working magnificently. I feel like the day is broken up into bite sized chunks, I have a sense of what I can get done when, and the days seem longer. But in a good, lots of time kind of way, not a “why won’t this day ever end????” kind of way. Woohoo!

I can do better and more crunches than I could do last week. Go crazy abs of doom workout dvd! I think if I were ever to make a workout DVD series I would call it … of Doom. Abs of doom, Buns of doom, arms of doom…. the possibilities are endless.

Bruce got me an adorable little pink owly that sits on top of my monitor, plugs into a USB port, and acts like a little owly. It opens its eyes, moves its head- I love it.

The new benefit album War Child – Heroes Vol.1 is really good. It has covers by Duffy (of Live and Let Die! Squeee!), Beck, Franz Ferdinand, Estelle (who I’d never heard before, but who I will definitely be checking out!) and a whole bunch more. TV on the Radio covering Bowie’s Heroes? Fantastic. And it’s only $8.99. Sorry I didn’t post about it a day ago when it was only $3.99….. but I’d buy it even at $8.99.

That’s all for now, I’m off to wake up the sleeping princess so she’ll be able to fall asleep tonight.

What’s of good report in your life today?

One thought on “Of good report

  1. Of good report for me is……I had to drive down to Sandy yesterday and I was the idiot on the freeway singing her lungs out to her kind of music!! I must really freak people out when they see me (or at least give them a good belly laugh) but this is how I drive and it’s also the only time I get to listen to my music!! It was a truly fun but busy day and I felt very content and revitalized when I came home. Maybe I need to drive down there once a week just for the music therapy!!

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