Jesus the Christ Chapter 36

Sorry I’m so behind, I’m not quite sure where I’ve been.

This was a nice chapter, coming after the trauma that was the last couple chapters. The doctrine of salvation for the dead is one that I’ve always known, and it’s so fundamental to my belief system that I can’t really fathom not knowing it. So I’m very grateful for it. One thing that did stand out, which I hadn’t quite realized before, is that the separating line between paradise and spirit prison is not baptism or even belief, but righteous action. So someone who just never really thought about Christ or religion but was a good person would be in paradise (a place of comfort and peace), and would have the option of accepting the gospel there. In the context of recent passings, this is really comforting.

That’s all I’ve got- thougts?

One thought on “Jesus the Christ Chapter 36

  1. you don’t have to apologize, maryanne; i’m so doped up right now that it’s been nice not having to “keep up” 🙂

    so i hearted this tiny chapter, and i find it interesting too that those who live a good life are in paradise. but the thief went to paradise with christ, and we can only assume his life hadn’t been so great, so hmmm…

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