Jesus the Christ Chapter 37

Is it wrong of me to find great delight in the fact that not only did the angel roll away the stone from the sepulchre but then went on to sit on it?

Interesting that the words spoken to the women by the angel were joyful, yet in their distracted grief they only heard the pieces that made sense to them- “He is not here”. Does this happen to us? Do we miss the real message in the answers to our prayers because we only hear what makes sense to us?

I find it really interesting that in two different cases, incredibly devoted disciples of Christ talked with His resurrected self (and some even walked with Him for a long time) and didn’t recognize Him. Was it just that it made no logical sense for it to be Him? Did He look different?

I don’t really know why we single Thomas out as doubting, when it seems like all of the other disciples had a hard time wrapping their head around ( as Ben Linus put it) the resurrection as well.

Peter cracks me up- jumping into the sea to get to land quicker than the boat would get him there to see Christ. But I have to admire the devotion.

Your thoughts?

One thought on “Jesus the Christ Chapter 37

  1. I LOVE that He spoke to the women first! Sometimes I think female Christians are seen as sad, to support organizations and hierarchies that seem to marginalize them. But Christ really was such a champion for women, and I think that’s shown here were He shows Himself first to them. Is it because the women, who were unashamed to mourn, were better able to see Him? I don’t know.

    And I love your thought provoking comment about how much of our prayers do we let go by the wayside ’cause we don’t understand it. That’s much food for thought…

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